ASTCT Lifetime Achievement Award

The ASTCT Lifetime Achievement Award is presented at each year’s Tandem Meetings. The award “recognizes an individual who has made continuing contributions to the field of blood and marrow transplantation, either in basic biology or clinical application.” The award includes a physical award, plus expenses for the recipient and guest to attend the Tandem Meeting.

Past Recipients

2000 Recipient: George W. Santos, MD

2002 Co-Recipients: Bo Dupont, MD, DSc, and John Hansen, MD

2003 Recipient: John H. Kersey, MD

2004 Recipient: E. Donnall Thomas, MD

2005 Recipient: Richard J. O’Reilly, MD

2006 Recipient: Karl G. Blume, MD

2007 Recipient: Robertson Parkman, MD

2008 Recipient: Rainer F. Storb, MD

2009 Recipient: Georgia Volgelsang, MD

2010 Recipient: Jon J. Van Rood, MD, PhD

2011 Recipient: Richard E. Champlin, MD

2012 Recipient: Eliane Gluckman, MD, PhD

2013 Recipient: John M. Goldman, DM

2014 Recipient: Mary M. Horowitz, MD, MS

2015 Recipient: Daniel J. Weisdorf, MD

2016 Recipient: Robert Korngold, PhD

2017 Recipient: Hans A. Messner, MD, PhD

2018 Recipient: A. John Barrett, MD

2019 Recipient: Helen E. Heslop, MD

2020 Recipient: Keith Sullivan, MD

2021 Recipient: Hal Broxmeyer, PhD

2022 Recipient: Effie Petersdorf, MD

2023 Recipient: Fred Appelbaum, MD

2024 Recipient: Gerard Socie, MD, PhD


Please contact ASTCT staff at (800) 261-1986 or with any questions.