Corporate Council

Corporate Council

Join the Corporate Council and play a key role in finding solutions to critical blood and marrow transplant (BMT) and cellular therapy challenges by partnering with leaders in the field.

Join ASTCT’s Corporate Council

Council members are pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Senior executives from member organizations participate in Council meetings. Guests will be invited based on their expertise to cover agenda topics. This structure offers the broadest possible perspective for knowledge sharing.

Council members meet face-to-face in an informal, collegial environment with ASTCT Board Members and Past-Presidents for candid exchanges to discuss critical BMT issues of mutual concern, find solutions to pressing challenges, share knowledge on best practices and advise ASTCT on its major initiatives. By pooling their resources and expertise, Council members and the ASTCT Board can engage in joint problem-solving and collaborative opportunities that will advance the cause and culture of blood and marrow transplantation and cellular therapy.

The Corporate Council objectives are:

  • Establish meaningful dialogue between industry and BMT and cellular therapy thought leaders – ASTCT’s current leadership, past presidents and the Board of Directors.
  • Share information, advice and assistance in developing new products and services to improve blood and marrow transplantation and cellular therapy.
  • Discuss critical BMT and cellular therapy issues of mutual concern, find solutions to pressing challenges, share knowledge on best practices and advise ASTCT on its major initiatives.


Knowledge Sharing: The Council is about problem solving. Members will come away from meetings armed with action plans based on the experiences of their peers, who have addressed similar challenges and succeeded. Plus, the open discussion of emerging trends will keep Council members ahead of the curve and able to anticipate future challenges.

Collaboration: Corporate industry leaders will be able to work alongside ASTCT Board members, past presidents, accreditation leaders, healthcare providers and transplant center executives to improve quality outcomes. They also will be encouraged to establish dialogues to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Advocacy: We will keep you informed on our work regarding coverage of BMT and cellular therapies, national advocacy against proposed changes to policies and decreased funding for research and on-going advocacy in relation to reimbursement.  


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Corporate Council Community

Current Corporate Council members can access additional information and resources in the online community. Click here to view the community. For access, please contact Angie Dahl at

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