CAR T Cell Therapy Resources

ASTCT CAR-T Therapy Resources

As research and new advanced become available for chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T Cell Therapy, ASTCT will provide the latest insights into products, eligibility, research and treatment options.

CAR-T Therapy Webinar Series

ASTCT is hosting a six-part webinar series focused on CAR-T Therapies. Webinars will be hosted throughout the year and will cover a variety of topics related to research, advancement, and future of CAR-T.

CAR-T Webinar Series: CAR T Basics and Biology

This webinar will review of CAR-T Biology, the general process of generating CAR-T, CAR-T targets, the future directions of CAR-T biology.

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CAR T Webinar Series: Clinical Advances in CAR-T Cell Therapy

This webinar will cover a review of approved CAR-T products, practical aspects of referrals, eligibility, leukapheresis, and more!

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CAR T Webinar Series: CAR-T vs. Transplant: Complements or Competitors 

This webinar highlights the key areas of CAR T vs. Transplant, including consultation, day to day management, sequential therapy, and the pros and cons of each. 

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Insights into CAR-T Therapies - Nucleus Plus

Our Nucleus Plus online hubs take deep dives into topics that matter most to the transplantation and cellular therapy community. This hub features content specifically related to emerging CAR-T therapies, treatment options, research and more.

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Nucleus Articles

You might also be interested in past articles published on Nucleus:

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New Paper Explores the Application of ASTCT’s Grading System and Implications for Management of CAR T-cell Toxicity
Policy Perspectives: IPPS Final Rule, CMS Final NCD on CAR-T and More
New Study Finds T-Cells Play Unappreciated Role in Acute GVHD

CAR-T Slide Deck

This comprehensive slide library was developed by a group of clinicians that have been working together to develop ongoing educational initiatives about CAR-T therapy since 2017. The library covers several topics including:

  • Why CAR-T therapy
  • How CAR-T fits into the world of immuno-oncology
  • Patient management
  • Institutional considerations

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COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the delivery of cellular therapeutics, including CAR T-cells. This impact has extended beyond patient care to include logistics, administration, and distribution of increasingly limited health care resources.

Journal Article: CAR T-Cell Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guidance Document: ASH-ASTCT COVID-19 Vaccination for HCT and CAR-T CELL Recipients: Frequently Asked Questions

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