E Donall Thomas Lecture

ASTCT E. Donnall Thomas Lecture

The ASTCT E. Donnall Thomas Lecture is presented at each year’s Tandem Meetings. The lecture recognizes an eminent physician or scientist, either a clinician or investigator, who has contributed meritoriously to the advancement of knowledge in blood and marrow transplantation. The lecturer does not necessarily have to be a member of the Society. A physical award is given, plus expenses for the recipient to attend the Tandem Meetings.

Past Recipients

1998 Lecturer: E. Donnall Thomas, MD

1999 Lecturer: Rainer F. Storb, MD

2000 Lecturer: Robert A. Good, MD, PhD

2001 Lecturer: Karl G. Blume, MD

2002 Lecturer: Jonathan Sprent, MD, PhD

2003 Lecturer: Tak Mak, PhD

2004 Lecturer: Richard E. Champlin, MD

2005 Lecturer: Bruce R. Blazar, MD

2006 Lecturer: Eliane Gluckman, MD

2007 Lecturer: Irving L. Weissman, MD

2008 Lecturer: John A. Hansen, MD

2009 Lecturer: Els Goulmy, PhD

2010 Lecturer: Stanley R. Riddell, MD

2011 Lecturer: Malcolm K. Brenner, MD, PhD

2012 Lecturer: Paul J. Martin, MD

2013 Lecturer: Frederick R. Appelbaum, MD

2014 Lecturer: Richard J. O’Reilly, MD

2015 Lecturer: Carl June, MD

2016 Lecturer: Yasuo Morishima, MD, PhD

2017 Lecturer: Jerome Ritz, MD

2018 Lecturer: Robert S. Negrin, MD

2019 Lecturer: Stephen Forman, MD

2020 Lecturer: Effie Wang Petersdorf, MD

2021 Lecturer: Elizabeth J. Shpall, MD

2022 Lecturer: Marcel van den Brink, MD, PhD


Please contact ASTCT staff at (800) 261-1986 or info@astct.org with any questions.