Annual BMT/Cellular Therapy Center Staffing Survey

The Administrative Directors Special Interest Group (SIG) is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural BMT/Cellular Therapy Center Staffing Survey. Staffing resources play a key role in the operational, quality and clinical effectiveness at centers across the country. Providing participating centers with annual, aggregated data will allow centers to advocate for sufficient staffing.

Target Audience

The target audience to complete the Staffing Survey is BMT and Cellular Therapy Administrators and Program Directors. We kindly ask that you share this survey with anyone at your organization who would benefit from participating in this survey.

The survey submitter is encouraged to work with individuals at their institution to ensure the information is accurate, but only one survey should be submitted on behalf of a center.

Survey Details

The ASTCT BMT/Cellular Therapy Center Staffing Survey can be completed by clicking the button below titled, “Begin Staffing Survey”. Note: due to the functionalities of the inaugural survey, submitters will not be able to save data as you go. It is highly recommended to print out a copy of the survey until you have all the required data. Future submissions will allow users to login to their profile and save as you go. 

Only centers who complete the Staffing Survey will be provided access to the de-identified data. ASTCT will be unable to provide this information if a center does not participate.

Below are important reminders when completing the survey.
  • One submission for each CIBMTR center number.
  • At least one director (administrative, nursing, or medical) must be an ASTCT member.
  • Use the printable version of the survey to prepare for data entry
  • Carefully think about how to report FTEs.

Submissions for the 2021 Annual BMT/Cellular Therapy Center Staffing Survey has closed. We are continuing to work with the data submitted and hope to have first reports available for participants soon. Please contact Anna Hawkshead ( with any questions. 

The 2022 survey will be launched early next year.

Additional resources include access to a recording and handout that outline how to complete your survey submission.


The information submitted in this survey will be used only to gain a better understanding of staffing models at cellular therapy/BMT transplant institutions across the United States. The data will be anonymized and will not be identifiable in any future publications. Any personal information that could identify your institution will be removed or changed before files are shared with others. By completing this survey, you do agree to share your submission data with other participants of the survey. 


The ASTCT BMT/Cellular Therapy Center Staffing Survey is secured using an SSL certificate and the databased is stored behind a firewall. Only the internal ASTCT staff team will have access to any identified data that is submitted. Centers who choose to submit their center data will receive a report in June with the de-identified data. ASTCT will not provide any individuals with access to the identified information.

Please contact the ASTCT Headquarters at with technical questions. General suggestions regarding the survey feedback can be sent to Amy Emmert, Administrative Directors Staffing Subcommittee Chair.