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Vacuum buying guide: what should you look for?

Go to the market, choose a vacuum cleaner – it is what you do if you are searching for a vacuum to keep your house clean. Yes, many people think so. Actually, everything is not easy. Choosing a vacuum cleaner is the same. There is a matrix of vacuum on the market.  If you don’t buy the right vacuum for your house, you waste time, effort, and of course, money.

Buying an upright or a canister? An AirRam Cordless stick vacuum from Bissell or a Shark apex uplight lift-away duo clean or another one from another brand? How to choose a good vacuum cleaner? What should we look for? Follow the post below and you will have the answer to these questions.

Before making your decision, you should check information some vacuums. There are some aspects you should consider.

Here are they!

Vacuum performance

A vacuum with bad performance wastes your time and money. Airflow and powerful suction are the most important factors that you rate vacuum performance. In case, you would like to buy a canister vacuum cleaner, the metric of airflow should be 100 CFM and more.

If an upright vacuum is what you need, pay attention to the airflow a bit. It might be the direct air or dirty air design. These designs affect both airflow and water lift. The performance of an upright should be 60CFM or more. But som upright models don’t have airflow ratings. In case, to determine what you buy, check the motor rating.


People usually overlook the filtration of vacuum cleaners. But it is the most important and affects the cleaning quality of vacuum. On surfaces, we figure out a lot of soil, dirt, fine particles. If their filtration is not good, these particles go right through the vacuum. And then, they go back to the air in the house. It means, you have wasted time and effort. Nothing is better after cleaning.

The vacuum filteration is more and more important, in case someone in your family is suffered from allergens. Allergens and dirt, fine particles are still on the surface. It means the allergenic condition might be worse.    

Currently, you should choose a vacuum cleaner is engineered with HEPA filters. These filters can capture and trap over 99% of dust, dirt, allergens. It is the reason why Shark – one of the best household brands on the market applies this type of filter to their products. Shark Navigator Nv360, Shark Apex uplight corded lift away and other vacuum models possess HEPA filters.

Ease to use

Mission of a home appliance is to help us to do housework more effectively. It shouldn’t take a lot of time for you to start. A good home appliance should be easy to use. Vacuum cleaners are not the exception.

You have trouble while vacuuming the house. You don’t know how to assemble each part of vacuum cleaner. It makes you confused with buttons. If so, you have chosen the wrong vacuum.

But, how to know if that vacuum is easy to use or not? If it is the first time you have bought vacuum cleaner, refer to Shark apex uplight review from other users.

You are having a vacuum, but you don’t like it. Some features make you dissatisfied. If so, look for a new vacuum without those features.

There are many vacuum models on the market that is in accordance with the standard above. You can choose a Kenmore Elite 81714,  Dyson V11 outsize Cordless or Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean vacuums…And your house is always kept clean.