CAR T Manufacturing

When:  Aug 25, 2022 from 13:00 to 14:00 (CT)

After the success of the 2021 CAR T Webinar Series, ASTCT is excited to announce another six-part CAR T Webinar Series sponsored by Johnson & Johnson for 2022!

To kick off the series, join us on August 25 at 1 PM CDT for the first session, ‘CAR T Manufacturing.’ In this hour-long webinar, Dr. Megan Davis, Dr. Andrew Timmons, and Dr. Boro Dropulić will give presentations on aspects of local manufacturing, an overview of navigating regulation in gene and cell therapy, and the place-of-care manufacturing of CAR-T cells. After their presentations, Drs. Davis, Timmons, and Dropulić will field audience questions and engage in a panel discussion. 


Dr. Armin Ghobadi; Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology, Washington University School of Medicine


Dr. Megan (Suhoski) Davis; Director, Product Development Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Andrew Timmons; Biologist, Office of Tissues and Advanced Therapies, Division of Cellular & Gene Therapies, US Food and Drug Administration

Dr. Boro Dropulić; Executive Director, Caring Cross


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